Frasca, has announced that Xilin Fengteng GA Corporation,  China,has received CAAC Level 5 approval for their FRASCA TruFlite™ R44/S300 convertible Flight Training Device (FTD). This is the first Level 5 Helicopter Simulator delivered and approved in China.

The FRASCA TruFlite™ R44/S300 FTD is a high fidelity simulator for the Robinson R44 & Schweizer S300 helicopters. The cockpit accurately replicates the R44 aircraft, including all panels, controls and instrumentation and is convertible to an S300 configuration as well. Additional features include FRASCA’s TruVision™ visual system with a helicopter-specific mission training visual database.

Xilin Fengteng is the largest helicopter corporation in the Southwest of China with twelve helicopters and 35 pilots and offers helicopter training for PPL and CPL, business and medical services. The FTD will be used primarily for training in emergency situations.